Get involved in education

Get involved in education



Location: Bacau, ROMANIA

Imagine preluata de la Studio 60

Time frame for EVS:

01.05.2014 30.09.2014 5 months
01.10.2014 28.02.2015 5 months
01.05.2014 28.02.2015 10 months


 The project will take place in Bacau at the “Oblio ” Associations headquarters, where we intend to host four volunteers from Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria and Georgia for 5 or 10 months. The project will be entitled “ Get involved in education “ and will implicate the foreign volunteers in recreational activities for children and teenagers that are part of the clubs from the “Oblio”. 



Proposed activities:

 School Support - organizing recreational activities for children and youth ( painting, music , dance , drama , chess, various sports )

                              - participation in school holidays ( Christmas celebrations , birthdays, Mother's Day, Children's Day , Sports Week , The Week Volunteer , intercultural week )

 TinOblio Youth Support Centre - participation in debates on topics of interest to young people as European citizens

                                                              - organizing of different workshops (dance, theater, music ) , watching movies, small trips

                                                              - organizing sports activities ( tennis, football, volleyball , chess , aircraft use , traditional games and sports ) ,

                                                              - organizing various cultural events,

                                                              - counseling young people in search of work

Help in office Oblio - support in solving administrative problems ,

                              - communicating with other organizations,

                              - improving the association's website,

                              - creating brochures to promote NGO activities,

                              - photographing and filming various events ,

                              - preparation of video presentations

                              - organizing education campaigns

The objectives of the activities are:

-          promoting active citizenship;

-          cultural diversity;

-          exchanging ideas and impressions

-          learning and promoting values, principles and ideas from different corners of the world

-          intercultural learning, promoting tolerance and understanding of diversity,

-          explaining the concepts, roles and complementarity between different methods of education (formal, non-formal and informal).

 The volunteers will learn

• how to manage and coordinate youth projects

• how to prepare a debate

• how to work with children and teenagers

• how to work with a group, methods of team building, communication and integration

• how to organize local initiatives

 They will also receive

-          a new life experience; the volunteers will learn to live together with other young people, to manage themselves, to cook, to manage a budget and to plan some leisure activities. For some of them may be the first experience of this kind which will provide them the opportunity to get to know themselves better and to get to know another environment;

-          a new learning experience, a new framework, another community, a new environment;

-           an opportunity to learn to discover themselves, to get to know their own limits and resources;

-           an opportunity to build, to change, to act, to become involved both individually and within the group;

-          involvement in different community activities;



 Our association supports and promotes talented children and young people with ages between 5 to 30 years old providing them with a stimulating learning environment, so that they can develop their skills and abilities. This is possible trough the Oblio Kindergarten, School after School and through the extracurricular clubs like the theater club, chess club, aircraft, dance, ballet, painting, art and design, singing, musical instruments, karate, judo, English, German, training and personal development. Oblio Association has been accredited under the European Voluntary Service, opening the way for new projects for the benefit of young volunteers.

The objectives of the association are to encourage young people to be independent, to work in team to develop their skills in order to collaborate in initiating projects or ideas that can benefit both them and the community they belong to.

You can find more information about Oblio Association and Bacau  here.




Profile of the Volunteer:


- Willing to work with children

- Spirit of initiative, dynamic, creative, interactive

- Good communication skills

- Tolerant, empathetic.

- Interested to participate in outdoor activities, creative workshops,

- Motivated to participate to gain experience in working with children and young people

- Eager to learn about non-formal education methods and also to get involved in youth projects

- Aged over 18


The schedule will be planned in accordance with the abilities and individual capacity of each volunteer.

 Working hours: 

The volunteer will serve from Monday to Friday for 31 hours per week (30 hours of service and 1 tutoring + 1 hour Romanian language courses)

 Free days:

Holidays: 9 hours for holiday per month. 7 days free for Christmas period. Other holidays could be discussed with the tutor.

 Upon arrival in the community, the volunteers will attend a training session that will  give them information about local customs, frequented areas, means of transport, risky situations that they may be exposed to, the work program, leisure activities etc..

If the volunteer is medically affected, our organization will seek information about his/hers condition, about medication, symptoms and crises, how to react in case of emergency / crisis. All information about the volunteer will be confidential.

 Food and accommodation:

Compensated 100% by the project

The living space of the volunteers will be assured in an apartment or house, in the city. The apartment/house will ensure the comfort for living in good conditions. 

Transport: 90%

Monthly allowance: 60 Euro

 Internet access: at Oblio Association headquarters

 If you are interested to participate in this project, please contact one of the following sending organizations:


  • for Italy: Associazione Culturale Link -2013-EACEA-12 (5 months EVS)


  • for Georgia: Youth Association DRONI - 2013-PL-20 (10 months EVS)


  • for Bulgaria: The starry Start of Talents Foundation - 2011-BG-23 (5 months EVS)


  • for Turkey: DeM Experential Training Center - 2009-TR-35 (10 months EVS)


  • for Turkey: Gaziantep Training and Youth Association -2007-TR-99 (10 months EVS)



You can send your CV and application form at or

 If you need any other information do not hesitate to contact us: Get-Involved

Oblio Association,

Miron Costin Street, No. 11

Bacau, Romania

Phone: +40.755.500.077


Here u can find the .pdf versions of the: APPLICATION FORM and the content of Get involved in education



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