A new partnership

In a romanian society where, most of the times, the partnerships with the western countries only sound nice and have no concrets results in the end, Oblio Association is prepared, again, to break the patterns and to make new mechanisms to work.

Apparently surprising, the visit of a delegation from Norway, between 26 th- 30th of March, comes to sustain the previous statement.

Consisting of two great musicians, Martha and Haakon Smith, the delegation from the far awat fjords has enchanted and got enchanted by all the events they have been attended.

The visists at the members of the jewish communities (many thanks to mr. Izu Butnaru for his kindeness to open the gates of this very heavy hardened in the past community), but also to the roma community (mr. Tanase has been „contaminated” us with his initiative spirit and his stubbornness to continously help the members of his community), have been in the activity’s agenda.

The discussions between the two teams have generated, of course, concrete ideas for a future project, from which not only the members of the local community will have to win, but also the people from Norway.

Established in 2007, Oblio Associations promotes, supports and encourages young talents, the children, the adults preocupied with their professional road  improvement.

On the other side, Oslo MusikAkkademi, represented by the illustrous Martha and  Haakan Smith, exists from 2000 as a privat musical institution, where the young people are having classic music classes, canto, music theory classes, quitar lessons, opera workshops.
And  if the members of the local community have already got used to the charitable activities of the Oblio Association, his new members, from the country with the ideal educational system, are following the same implication principles, the pupils and the studentsof the academy are all the time sustaining concerts for humanitarian purposes.



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